First month performance (Charity Portfolio)

I know that this is a little late but I wanted to go over my first months performance in my charity portfolio through Portfolio’s with Purpose. It would appear that I actually did quite well in the first month of 2014. I picked my positions based off my opinion that 2014 is going to be a stock pickers market and therefore I wasn’t afraid to go short a few names. This is how my portfolio looked at the end of 2014:

PWP-2 1st month down

I was pretty proud of myself being ranked 54 with a performance of 5.18% considering the turbulence of the market. I look forward to my next performance update in March.

Best Performer

My best performer in the month of January was Magnum Hunter Resources. I haven’t had a chance to write about this position yet, but essentially the stars are aligning with the operations of MHR. Additionally, investors are starting to realize that this company’s assets sit at a much higher valuation then where the stock price currently stands. I will have further details in a write up within the next week or two, but essentially I believe this company still has plenty of more upside.

Worst Performer

Not only is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters my worst performer in the month of January but if you are an avid follower of the markets you know that I am certainly losing big in the position currently. GMCR was essentially a short call based on the deterioration of its underlying business. Of course now we all know that Coca-Cola has some plans to team up with Green Mountain and make in home soda machines. I intend on investigating the valuation of this Coca-Cola partnership because it may end up filling the void of Green Mountain’s underlying Keurig business, and more importantly may no longer make GMCR a great candidate for a short position.


Overall I believe that I did very well in the month of January and am looking forward to my next performance review. At the moment I still believe the positions in this portfolio still make a lot of sense. I plan on having a write up about GMCR within the next few days where I will make the decision to hold short or jettison the position when April arrives, that’s my first opportunity to sell out and establish another position. Thanks for reading!


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