2020 the year ahead

I’m so excited to start the new year, 2019 was a good year and the decade was filled with life events I will never forget.

To end the year I took the time to really disconnect and I completed a “life review assessment”, which sounded pretty odd initially but as soon as I got into it I realized that I was going to benefit from it. Here is the template I followed from Steve Schlafman. He also has some other great stuff on his site if you’re interested. I got some good insight out of the assessment, in particular what my real goals are, so I’m excited to get working on those. (Some of those goals I’ll document on this blog, but most will not)

I’m still working on my summary post for my portfolio performance, but given how markets performed, I’m fairly disappointed in my results. I think continuing to document my portfolio will help me stay grounded and intellectually honest. Rather than attempting to pick a winning investment, my goal this year is to focus on being patient and equating no new positions as a win for 2020.

Like most people, I also intend on getting into better shape during the year. During 2019 I went to the gym on average of 4 days a week, and my weight went from 254 to a low of 243 during the summer months but now I’m back sitting at 253. To me it isn’t so much the weight fluctuation that bothers me but my progression on lifts has pretty much stopped, additionally I can tell my cardiovascular endurance declined throughout the year. I have an excuse for this but it doesn’t change the fact that I made no progress this year, I plan on changing that for 2020.

I hope you all have a happy new year! 2020 will be a great year.